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“We rise by lifting others”

     As one said, ”For the hope of building a better and a happier world, we need the engagement of more volunteers”.

"Be the change you want to see in the World"
-Mahatma Gandhi

The real essence of life is to do good and serve others. Your little act of kindness can make a huge difference and uplift one another. Assist yourself for a social cause and, you could be sunshine in someone’s lives by bringing happiness into their world. Your Greatness is not found in what you have but in what you do.

Irakkam Foundation
Irakkam Foundation Volunteers
Irakkam Foundation Volunteers
Irakkam Foundation Volunteers

Everyone can make a difference. A strong desire and your helping hand will make our community a better place and fill your surroundings with hope. Your willing hand could change the world for homeless people. The selfless acts you do will transform one’s life.

The Joy of serving others will rebuild lives and instil hope in the hearts of the needy. When you are willing to volunteer by sacrificing your time, you are taking an extra effort to make the world a better place. Your free-willed help empowers the needy and homeless people. You can spread Joy through your selfless work and be the reason behind someone’s smile. Your noble acts will impact lives and will make you happy in return.

Want to Volunteer with Us?

Lend your helping hand to the Needy by joining hands with Irakkam Foundation Programs. Irakkam Foundation is a non – profit organization that is committed to the well being of our society. Irakkam Foundation’s heart’s desire is to feed the hungry and the homeless. Your noble deeds can turn this desire into action and eliminate poverty. With your support, we can make our society a better place and a future free from Hunger and Poverty.

We value your support in our efforts to serve the needy. Your generous actions will cure a wound that only compassion can heal. You could be a rainbow in someone’s life by volunteering with Irakkam Foundation.

To create positive change in the lives and circumstances of the people, we need your support. Spread the joy by bringing a smile on one’s face through your selfless caring. The effort you do for others’ happiness will equip lives for a better tomorrow. Through your selfless service, you can be a ray of hope for the people in need.

Join our community of Volunteers and, together we can serve humanity.

We encourage every individual to be part of the Irakkam Foundation and work for the social welfare of our community. We also welcome you to build a better nation for a life transformation. Your support will help us to achieve the social and economic welfare of our society. Come forward to serve humanity and provide a sustainable livelihood for the future generations.

Irakkam Foundation Volunteers

Become a part of the Irakkam Foundation and be a blessing to the people in your neighbourhood.

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 Spread Happiness!

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Give your hand to make a better World!