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Some people may undergo trauma in their personal lives and continue to survive with their negative experiences. Few may feel depressed and get separated from their family and friends. Seeking the guidance of a counsellor aids to overcome stress and emotions and will help you to release your true potential.

Irakkam Foundation provides professional and Life-Changing counselling services related to marriage, career, stress and family that enables positive changes in one’s life. This initiative was started to make a difference in the lives of the people so they can lead a peaceful life by overcoming obstacles in all aspects of life.

Irakkam Foundation Free Counseling

Pre - Marital Counselling

PRE-Marital Counselling
Pre-marital counselling

Pre-Marital counselling helps the couples to prepare for their marriage and understand his/her unique responsibility. Various researches show that premarital counselling can decrease divorce by 30-50%.

We provide pre-marital counselling to couples that improve their communication and help them to have a strong partnership. Our counsellors are highly experienced and trained to provide guidance with unconditional support and help them overcome challenges related to the relationship. 

Pre-marital counselling to couples is provided by our experienced counsellors that sets realistic expectations and also develops conflict–resolution skills to have a stable life. Better understanding and healthy relationships between partners are ensured through our counselling services.

Telephonic Counselling

Telephonic counselling services are done over phones to resolve problems due to stress, mental and health issues. Telephonic Counselling is the most preferred counselling service as both the counsellor and the caller identities remain anonymous and the information you share over the phone will remain highly confidential.

It is an immediate support available around the clock when you need a helping hand. It also fits with your schedule and can be contacted at the comfort of your home.

Our telephonic counselling session involves an in-depth conversation between the counsellor and the caller. Our experienced counselling professionals will take time and understand your concern and continuous support will be provided throughout the process.

Mobil Counselling
Our telephonic counselling

Direct Counselling / Interpersonal Counselling


Interpersonal Counselling or Direct counselling is a face-to-face counselling session conducted by our experienced counsellors. It resolves all kinds of life problems like mental, behavioural, social and guides them to lead an extraordinary life.

In this direct counselling, we help you to understand the causes of your problems and provide solution-oriented advice to overcome life challenges. We offer excellent counselling support to improve your mental health and lead a positive life and be capable of creating your own chances.

At Irakkam Foundation, we ensure to provide professional and ethical counselling services with continuous assistance and help you to achieve goals by overcoming obstacles in all dimensions.

Video Counselling

Today, the world revolves around technology, and our lives are becoming more Virtual. Video Counselling is a personalized, one – one service conducted without having the hassle of commuting to the office. These services are offered through a video call from the comfort of their homes and the counsellors will work along with you to overcome your difficulties. A recent study suggested that video counselling is effective in treating depression.

With utmost love and care, these counselling services are conducted online through mediums such as Google Meet, Zoom, Skype, Webex Meeting, Google Duo, Facetime, Discord and much more.Our team of experienced counsellors aid in dealing with your personal and interpersonal problems and help to gain confidence.

At Irakkam Foundation, we ensure to provide professional and ethical counselling services with continuous assistance and help you to achieve goals by overcoming obstacles in all dimensions.

video counselling
Video Counselling

Women’s Counselling

Women’s Counselling
Women’s Counselling
Women’s Counselling
Women’s Counselling

In Today’s Society, women are the backbone of the family and their roles include family obligations, nurturing their children and elderly persons, work responsibilities and much
more. As roles increase, women tend to get stressed and pressured about many things. Quite often, women spend most of their time in fulfilling the needs of others, rather than fulfilling their own needs. As days keep passing, they seem to forget their needs. They face many challenges related to biological, environmental and psychological conditions and these concerns can create a huge impact on women’s wellbeing.

There are a variety of issues that challenge women in their daily lives. The cause for their
depression can be occupational, health issues, family needs, financial issues, job security, loss of career, relationship issues and much more. Physical transformations and discomforts that are caused during the time of pregnancy may lead to trauma and also after pregnancy many suffer from postpartum depression. Due to health problems, women might be exposed to stress for a longer period. At Irakkam Foundation, we also conduct counselling sessions for women who undergo all forms of physical and emotional stress. We offer emotional support and provide quality service to people that will offer a ray of hope to them. We not only lend a helping hand but also train them to deal with it in a better way. Most women face issues due to their imbalance in their work and family life. We empower them to develop a healthy lifestyle and also teach them to overcome everyday stress of their family and work life.