Why are Old Age Homes becoming a necessity in India?

There are different stages in human life, including childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and old age. We must all come and travel through these ages. We cannot remain in isolation, We need to live in a family, with friends in society. The whole world runs smoothly on interdependence. Love, affection and care are mutual and it helps a person to live and not just exist.

Is World Hunger a Serious Threat to Mankind?

With drastic changes in the climate, COVID-19 has left the whole world in a state of hunger. Due to the various situations, nobody is caring to fight against hunger. Moreover, it is not easy to end world hunger. According to a recent survey, over 689 million people in the world live in poverty and they fail to afford their food. Hunger is a killer and the threat it poses to the lives of the people is more vulnerable. Also one of the major reasons is climatic change, due to which farmers are unable to grow enough crops and unfortunately we are all at risk from hunger.

Importance of Counselling

Counselling brings positivity in your life, it gives confidence and helps to deal with all troubles and problems in your life easily. In short, it allows people to discuss their problems which they encounter in a safe and confidential environment. It’s just a healing method, otherwise known as “talking therapies” that encourages people to open out all things and help them to uncover the root causes by identifying their ways of thinking. It also encourages people to address their emotional issues with a goal to overcome the problem.

All you need to know about Backyard Bird Feeding

If you want to enjoy wildlife interestingly at home, it is by feeding birds at the backyard or terrace of your house, where a variety of birds will visit your place. Birds usually expect a shelter with food, water and also free from all toxic enemies and that pleasant environment can be made available by us.

Rising trend of Old Age Homes

Rising trend of Old Age Homes In recent times there are more transformations in society and lifestyle has been changed.As a consequence of this social transformation and changes in lifestyle,family structure has benefited many younger generations but at the same time certain senior citizens faced many challenges.One of these is the rise of old age […]

How Covid-19 Worsens Hunger?

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How COVID-19 Worsens Hunger? The largest producer of food in the world is India. Globally, it is the largest population that faces food shortages before the pandemic. A recent estimate suggests 189 million people in India are suffering malnutrition and, this created a massive hunger catastrophe when Covid-19 struck India. In the second wave of […]