Irakkam Foundation



The long time desired of a group of friends who want to carry forward the kindness of hearts to a big scale, paved way for instituting the public charitable trust named “IRAKKAM FOUNDATION”. It was launched on 25th July 2020 in the memory of Late, Mr.Amalraj Joseph, with its registered office in Chennai.

As we are committed to the well being of the society, we assure transparency and accountability through systematic procedures. Join hands with us, as we strive to make the world a better place for all the people. We welcome you to empower the world with life transformations.

irakkam foundation



SAMSON DINESH did his Masters in Electrical and Electronics Engineering specialized in Embedded systems. He is proficient in managing widely divergent and simultaneously occurring processes by using his strong organizational skills, along with his innovative problem-solving skills and out of box thinking abilities. His professional background in Management and Leadership is extremely remarkable. His excellent character and his desire to succeed has made him excellent in everything he does.

He is an absolute gem who works with high degree of ethics, integrity and professional standards. He has shown his strength of character by his responsibilities and trustworthiness. He can master anything to which he sets his mind. He is very humble in nature. With great zeal and passion towards the humanity, he works with a servant’s heart. He is very hard working and administers works with professionalism. He has the burning desire to reach the unreached. He has paved way for many life transformations. He stands out in his service to others. He genuinely cares for people. With his enhanced leadership skills and profound knowledge, he is commissioning for the development of the organization


MELINDA CHARLET is specialized in Bachelor of Technology – Electronics and Communication Engineering with an Advanced Diploma in Global Marketing Management. She is an Infosys trained Java Developer and worked with Infosys Chennai for two years. She has hands-on training experience in Big Data Technology, Apache Pig, VBA for Excel, SQL Server Basics, IBM Bluemix – Java & DevOps, Microsoft Technical and Design Thinking Primer, as a part of her career with Infosys.

She is highly potential and capable of doing any task with a positive approach. She has impressive organizational skills and work professionalism. She has excellent communication skills and always passionate at work. She has inspiring qualities and personalized character. She is hard working and has impressive work ethics. She is an extremely responsible person with high level of dedication. She takes on any task with a positive energy and smile. She overwhelms with her remarkable perseverance, courage and respect for others. She is very bold & active and stands tall on her service minded work. She is a virtuous woman who has a strong desire to serve the humanity. Her act of determination and dedication has turned as a channel of blessing to many.


CHARLES ABRAHAM has MBA in Technology Management and Project Management Professional (PMP). He is a passionate leader to drive change. He is a Computer Science Engineer with 15yrs of experience in the IT industry. He has worked on multi-domains and technical projects. He has been instrumental in driving the HCL Chennai CSR initiative from 2007-2011. He has tutored needy students and placed them in successful positions in careers. With his proven track record and vast experience in managing large caseloads, he is commissioning for the overall well being of society.


SHINU MATHEW is specialized in Bachelor of Electronics and Communication Engineering. He is a passionate individual with a zeal to mentor and teach the next generation to upskill themselves so as to create a society with social responsibility. He is a software engineer with 7+ years of experience in the industry, who wants to utilise his skills to create platform for the less privileged. He has been a blessing to many through his service.


VINISH VIJAYAKUMAR is specialized in Bachelor of Information Technology. He is a Software Engineer Professional who is specialized in large scale software design and development. He has 10 years of professional Software Development experience and worked for industrial domains such as Banking, Finance, Retail services, Manufacturing, Construction, Legal and Telecommunication. He is a dedicated social worker who is demonstrating a strong commitment to serve disadvantaged youths. He helps them overcome the challenges of limited resources and enables them to design comprehensive programs that improve technical skills.


SATHYA PRAVEENA is specialized in Computer Sciences. She sticks to deadlines and gets her work done. She is self-motivated and works with value-based principles. Her compassion and integrity make a positive addition. She lives an active and healthy lifestyle for the community. Her active presence in social works and devotion to helping others portrays her character and responsibilities. She is reliable and flexible to work. Her can-do attitude and team-building skills are added value to the organization.